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The Routemaster bus is an icon and has run in London for over 50 years. The design of this bus was way ahead of its time and just right for the travelling conditions in London. It outlived much newer buses due to its flexibility, speed and build quality, only being replaced on age and cost grounds. 
This site is a tribute to this remarkable vehicle and contains photos taken by me from 2003 onwards as a pictorial history of the final years in service of this fine British icon, plus now covering the 'New Routemaster'.
Route 159 was the last full Routemaster route in London, its last day was 9th December 2005, however part of the 15 has Routemasters running on it as a Heritage route. The picture on the left shows Brixton's RML2730 crossing Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background on Thursday 8th December 2005, the last full day of operation.
A great contrast underneath is new LT136 on route 148 crossing Westminster Bridge on 30th May 2015.
Latest: Route 16 is the next route to gain the new Routemasters, following on from the 88. Other routes planned are the 149, 159, 91 and possibly the 68 or 168.
The current routes are: 8, N8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 24, 38, N38, 55, N55, 73, N73, 88, 137, 148, 390 & 453.
25th August: New Routemaster's have been delivered to Stockwell garage for route 88 over the past few weeks and the first apperared on the 22nd August. 
15th May: The 73 has started converting to the new Routemaster, with 10 in service so far. The next route planned is the 149.
8th April: A new page has been added - LT's PAGE 2.
28th March: It's the turn of route 12 to start it's gradual conversion to LT operation from today, also in driver only mode.
7th March: The next route to convert is the 15, but unlike the 9 which ran alongside traditional Routemasters, this is also in driver only mode. So you will see both together, but conductors only on the heritage service 15.

18th January 2015: The 55 has received it's first LT to begin converting, and like the 137 will also be in driver only mode, so is a phased conversion.
24th September: It was 60 years ago today that the first Routemaster RM1 was unveiled at the Earl's Court Motor Show. Happy 60th birthday!!!

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