The Routemaster bus was an icon which has run in London for over 50 years. The design of this bus was way ahead of its time and just right for the travelling conditions in London. It outlived much newer buses due to its flexibility, speed and build quality, only being replaced on age and cost grounds.

This site is a tribute to this remarkable vehicle and contains photos taken by me from 2003 onwards as a pictorial history of the final years in service of this fine British icon, plus now covering the 'New Routemaster'.

Route 159 was the last full Routemaster route in London, its last day was 9th December 2005, however parts of the 9 & 15 have Routemasters running on them as Heritage routes. The picture on the left shows Brixton's RML2730 crossing Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background on Thursday 8th December 2005, the last full day of operation.

## 12th April 2014 ##
More New Routemaster photos added to the page today following my travels on the 9, 148 & 11. The 11 DID have a conductor on a Saturday, but the 9 did not. A number of new vehicles were photographed at Ash Grove where they have just been delivered ready for the 38.

19th March 2014:
The next route to convert to the New Routemaster will be the 10, scheduled for 26th April. Routes 8 & 38 are also lined up, but details regarding any crew operation have not been made known just yet.

15th February 2014:
The 5th route to convert to the New Routemaster was the 148, which officially started on 15th February.
The 148 operates in one person mode all the time, the 9, 11 & 390 are in crew mode just Monday to Friday until around 6pm, and the 24's have lost their weekend conductors now so are also only crewed on weekdays. This means that there is less opportunity to use the open platform than we were led to believe.

24th January 2014:
Well, I guess it had to happen. The traditional Routemasters will be finishing on route 9 in the summer of 2014. This is due to budget cuts, and the fact that the old buses are not really as popular on the 9 as they are on the 15.
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